The United States of Confusion

I indulge your patience, as I comment on this political affair, regarding our dear country; my conscience I freely bare. American leaders appear indecisive, they lack consistence, affecting a way of life, our own personal existence. When someone discovers, an ally’s emails are being watched, do they attempt to interfere, ensuring the investigation is botched? […]

Supreme Court: Hillary Won!

A new president! Hillary Clinton winner US Supreme Court rules Media is elated I say gotcha April Fool’s! Images: #president #election #satire #joke #fake #news #media #politics #Clinton #scandal Disclaimer: This story is false. Happy April Fool’s Day from SE Asia where it is already April 1st! Tanka style poetry by David Andre […]

Poem: Electoral College and the NFL

In a time of protests, name calling, hate, and safety pins; a poem for you. ____________   It’s surprising that some are questioning the election rules, that we have supported since the Constitutional Convention. Now, some supporters of Hillary Clinton disagree with the process, they choose to protest in our streets and cry for attention. […]