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I have been feeling ill, but I try to remain upbeat.

My doctor wrote a script, for my problems to treat.

The prescription was waiting at the local pharmacy store.

I opened the sack as soon as I walked in my front door.


I gazed at the bottle of pills, little yellow circles in shape.

Then I sifted through the pages, a bunch of warnings and red tape.

I felt worse as I finished reading, there were many side effects.

The words overwhelm, me, was it written for Pharmacy Techs?


I’m scared to take the medicine, what if I turn bright pink?

Or if my heart stops beating, the warnings suggest this link.

I could start seeing UFO’s or think my cat was a lion.

What if I start laughing, or can’t stop my cryin’?


I am stressed to think I might grow a third arm.

Is this medicine really worth it, or will it could harm?

I don’t understand these warnings, for a lay person like myself.

Should I take the pills or leave them on the bathroom shelf?


I need to call my doctor, before I take the first new pill.

My brain is overloaded, like living in a rumor mill?

Perhaps, I’ll throw the bottle away and accept the pain.

Pharmaceutical companies, are driving this old man insane.

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Poetry by David Andre (Kuhn) Davison



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