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A black Fedora above his brow, a slightly wrinkled face,

age escapes this old musician, partly due to his social grace.

This artist molds the sound, while cranking up the heat,

blending Bossa Nova, Samba, jazz and rock, into a Latin beat.


He is one of a handful, of musical idols of our modern time,

who fills our hearts and minds, with beat, chorus, and rhyme.

Our bodies want to move, they are unable to remain in place,

as the tempo of the song, transforms our dance or walking pace.


While everyone has a talent, a gift from God in Heaven above,

this artist’s shares with us his music, that we have come to love.

So, open the old cabinet and dust of your favorite forty-five or LP,

turn on the cassette or insert an old 8-track or new shiny CD.


Clear your mind of stress, created by a world that has gone insane,

put on your headphones, or crank it up, let the volume gain.

The music will relax and send you off to another dimension,

far away from the noise of discontent, in a more pleasant direction.


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Poem by David Andre (Kuhn) Davison

Disclaimer: This poem is a fan tribute to one of my favorite musicians, Carlos Santana. It is not connected with or endorsed by Mr. Santana or his record label.

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