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They lie in wait, the fake news media or press,

creating stories that tend to incite or depress.

A bit of truth, with a twist of pure fiction,

their goal is to feed and spread, rumor addiction.


Attacking the president, making him appear weak,

by inventing a story, or enticing a policy leak.

Their stories breed hate, a way to entertain,

if they think that’s journalism, they’re insane.


Who are these monsters, who scare the masses?

They make legitimate networks, look like asses.

While, some call for legislation to stop them cold,

others like the controversy, the truth be told.


So, when your child is scared, in the dark night,

set them straight about monsters, do what’s right.

There are no goblins in the closet, or under the bed,

no ghosts dancing in the dark, nothing to dread.


The real monsters are on the internet, spreading lies,

trying to mold current events, before public eyes.

Why bother to haunt a house, or an old castle?

Fake News outlets prefer the “Swamp,” to hassle.


Perhaps this monster is worse, than a foreign threat,

an attempt to make politicians, break out in a sweat.

A desire to destroy a person’s soul, from within,

and turn their intended target, into a has-been.


It is difficult to slay this beast with one swift motion,

no use for arrows, stakes, garlic, or secret potion.

The only way to defeat them, is to use your brain,

is the story newsworthy or designed to cause pain?



Poem by David Andre (Kuhn) Davison


2 comments on “Media Monster

  1. So tired of fake news and the fools that believe every headline they read.

    Good one.


    1. The Lonely Author Blog:

      I also am tired of all of the fake news and the people who spread it across our land. Thank you for reading my poem!


      Liked by 1 person

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