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A beautiful face boldly stares our way,

from the other side of a giant, flat screen TV.

One minute they appear quite innocent,

but in an instant, their behavior becomes nasty.


Some choose to engage in the theatric profession,

in a play, on television or in movie production.

Others act the fool without a formal script,

forgoing the stage for society, unable to function.


Is life but a manuscript for our daily behavior,

written by an aloof grand puppet master?

Or do we choose to behave in a certain way,

bringing about random joy and occasional disaster?


What attracts us to Hollywood celebrities,

with a lifestyle of fashion, elegance, and wishes?

Is it greed, insecurity, or a need to be worshipped,

so, we may share in their life of luxury and riches?


A famous writer has so eloquently shared with us,

his enlightened opinion that, “All the world’s a stage,”

But if this statement is correct about the history of mankind,

then some of us are due Oscar’s or belong in a cage.


I would rather write my own script as I live my life,

and adjust for past insecurities and transgressions.

When my life has reached its paramount of existence,

I hope I leave behind, a few good impressions.


“All the world’s a stage,” quote by William Shakespeare, in his play,  As You Like it –


Image: (Alfred Hitchcock)


Poem by David Andre (Kuhn) Davison

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