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I was raised in a home with a gun,

for protection and target shooting fun.

My father taught me safety and respect,

a lifetime mindset, still in effect.


As a police officer, firearms training increased,

with qualifications every six months, at least.

My issued sidearm was an important tool of trade,

fastened securely in my leather holster, it stayed.


I have supported the American right to bear arms,

if changed, it would raise many alarms.

Concealed carry should be allowed for protection,

the government must not initiate its retraction.


However, the rising incident of school violence,

raises the issue of assault rifles, it’s not rocket science.

Perhaps some type of regulation is needed for AR-15’s

let’s keep assault weapons away from adults and teens.


If we fail to find solutions, for this growing national rage,

schools will be nothing more than a protective cage.

Rights versus common sense, is the priority of the day,

without a balance, innocent lives will continue to pay.


Please pray for the victims of our school shootings.




Poem by David Andre (Kuhn) Davison

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