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Football players kneel during the national anthem in protest,

turning the hearts away from the very causes they promote.

Liberals demand more gun control in the wake of the LV shooting,

but people die from drugs tightly controlled by Congressional vote.

Some believe that they should organize mass protests or riots,

preaching social injustice and discrimination by local police.

They say they want changes in our criminal justice system,

but are they the same who volunteer with parolees on release?

There are those who attack our leaders no matter what they do,

yet they would never consider running for an elected position.

Are they serious about helping our country change for the better,

or are they after some kind of revenge through inquisition?



It’s time to work together America, as a collection of local teams,

or we will lose hope of being part of our ancestor’s dreams.

Complaining about our great nation and the leaders we elect,

does nothing to address the lives, already wrecked.

God, please bless America!



#poetry #race #police #protest #guns #violence #love #hate #education #America

Poems by David Andre Davison



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