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As a child, I was introduced to a world of dreams,

but as I got older, I learned nothing is as it seems.

A child should be immersed in fantasy and fiction,

they can wait to learn of life’s contradiction.


When you’re young, you hope for a life of love and joy,

while you read a good book, or play with your favorite toy.

As a teenager, you begin to witness a dark side to life,

the alcohol, drugs, and car accidents, so much strife.


In adulthood, many seek a commitment, such as marriage,

with visions of a lifetime together and a baby carriage.

But the reality is, people tend to move away from the norm,

there are affairs, gambling, and lies, a domestic storm.


Then comes our senior years, when we should enjoy our rest,

yet the cost of living and rising crime, put survival to the test.

What then is the point, to having dreams about future plans,

with all the obstacles at home and across distant lands?


Despite the lack of control, for those who cause trouble,

we can’t live our life, in some fancy plastic bubble.

For there is faith and hope, given to us from God above,

gifts from Him, the divine One, who is nothing but love.


While, we can’t control the actions of others, bent on destruction,

we can do our best to share God’s love, using caring instruction.

In the end, we will all stand before Jesus, to answer for our sins,

where evil behavior is the eternal loser and a faithful life wins.




#fear #faith #hope #love #God #Religion #poetry #crime #grief #life

Poem by David Andre Davison


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