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I have to get married, I have no choice,

my objections are overruled, by her louder voice.

I want to back out and go my own way.

but she’s threatening suicide, if I don’t promise to stay.

It all began as a dream, it was love at first sight,

on our first date together, we talked all night.

Then it heated up, despite warnings from friends,

when I tried to back out she offered her amends.

We decided to get engaged and planned the event,

the arrangements were made, and the money spent.

My parents told me to pull out, I didn’t disagree,

when I announced it to her, she began slapping me.

She said everyone was already invited, no backing down,

if my fiancée told her parents, they would call her a clown.

It would be embarrassing and damage her reputation,

looking back, I think getting married was her fixation.

The ceremony took place on schedule, it was a fancy affair,

she was impressed with the wedding but I didn’t care.

I regretted my decision yet, did my best to make it work,

to do otherwise, would have made me a stupid jerk.

Looking back, I would have picked another to marry,

but hindsight is for psychics and I didn’t know to be wary.

At least I have a child, from the marriage that didn’t last,

they are an important part of my future, present, and past.

A warning to young lovers, be careful before you propose,

make sure you are soul mates, before anyone else knows.

Or else your marriage will be miserable and end in divorce,

and those who warned you, will remind you, of course!


Images:  (cropped and background edited)

#wedding #poem #bride #crazy #family #satire #humor #divorce #love 

Poem by David Andre Davison

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