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Caution: Some images may be disturbing


Poem: Rich over Poor


Some people drink and sing songs all night,

while children go to bed without any food.

The well-off feast, at an upscale restaurant buffet,

and leave their half-filled plates behind; how rude.

Politicians campaign on a pedestal, to end hunger,

then go to fundraisers and dine on lobster and steak.

Meanwhile, their backers pay a thousand dollars a plate,

just to hear political rhetoric and eat fancy French cake.

The rich live in condos, that reach toward the rising sun,

their concrete shadows, block slum settlements below.

While the wealthy dwellers, cover windows with drapes,

to hide the lives of the families, who live on skid row.

A woman in a fur coat, gives a twenty as a tip,

to a finely dressed man, who opens her limousine door.

Then, she tosses an old nickel on the worn sidewalk,

in the direction of a starving little girl, age four.

Oh, what a poor excuse for a civilization we are,

in a society, with modern technology and knowledge,

Where the richest and brightest increase their wealth,

with the right connections and attendance in college.

It may seem to us, that people are basically good,

but, my mother used to tell me that life isn’t fair.

I have found her words of wisdom to be all so true,

since in reality, most of us snobs just don’t care.



#money #poetry #wealth #power #politics #food #hunger #people #life #satire

Poetry by David Andre Davison

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