—————Poem: My Roach



There’s a cockroach on the counter,

it’s the same one that was on my bed.

I recognize those little beady eyes,

and that black antenna eyed head.

Now it is running on the toilet seat,

heading towards the white bowl,

Someone needs to kill this ugly creature,

before it escapes down a porcelain hole.

I will buy a special new pesticide,

the kind that choke the insect’s lungs,

Or maybe select the type of chemical,

that makes it fall off roach ladder rungs.

Wait, there it is right in front of me,

I’m going to smack that roach now.

I raise my hand over my head,

and let it hit the bug with a kapow!

I killed the roach once and for all,

no more problems from that stupid bug.

Oh no, I can’t believe my eyes,

there’s something running on my rug.

Diving towards that little dark pest,

I see that the creature is rather small,

Might it be some kind of baby roach,

it doesn’t appear to be very tall.

As I stare at the moving creature,

I believe my killing actions are moot,

You know that little fella on the carpet,

looks harmless cause he’s kind of cute.






#poetry #bug #humor #satire #story #home #pest #life #creature

Poetry by David Andre Davison


6 thoughts on “—————Poem: My Roach

      1. True. I wish & pray that I will be able see things the way you see them and appreciate, for me to create poems just like your works. It’s just so amazing. Trully. 😍😍😍


      2. Left Pencil:

        Each of us have individual gifts and unique ways to share them. Thanks for the compliment but you don’t want the poetry ideas that enter your mind in the middle of the night. Frustrating, since I don’t always recall the best ideas by morning. LOL



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