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A national anthem about a historical battle,

flag stripes of bandages and blood.

Our land lies between two great seas,

with people swept in an immigrant flood.


A lady holds up a torch, above her crowned head,

inviting diversity applicants, from lands far away.

While many legal hopefuls wait their turn,

thousands of illegal aliens, are encouraged to stay.


Our racial divide, is like a mighty mountain,

tunnels don’t work and neither does a road.

Differences tax our slow march to unity.

piling excess baggage; a heavy load.


Unless, we can find common ground,

there is little hope, for this rainbow nation,

Lady Liberty will leave and never return,

and the land we love, will face social damnation.





#country #America #politics #race #protest #social #poem #poetry 

Poem by David Andre Davison




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