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I fear there is a shortage, of my favorite candy treats,

I can’t find them on the shelf, at stores on different streets.

The small package candies, with two letters both the same,

seems to be in short supply and it’s driving me insane.

The peanut variety seems unaffected, it’s just the chocolate one,

they have different size packages, but in my size, few or none.

I don’t wish to raise the alarm, but it causes me great concern,

can anyone help me with this problem, something new to learn?

If you’re at the store, please search for my chocolate bits.

let me know if you find them, the one my description fits.

Then I will be a happy camper, eating my candy delight,

the sugar rush will make my day, and keep me up half the night.





#chocolate #dessert #sweet #sugar #food #satire #humor #poetry #poem #store

Poem by David Andre Davison

Disclaimer: The contents of this poem are satirical and humorous. I do not wish to suggest that there is an actual shortage of any kinds of chocolate candies, including M&M’s®. 

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