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Football Season 2017


Autumn is coming, I buy all the snacks,

sports magazines line my magazine racks.

Football is the king of fall, a special time of year,

break out the chips and a six-pack of beer.

I put on my team’s jersey, and a ball cap too,

we’re a Buckeye house, no room for “Go Blue.”

It’s scarlet and grey, a touchdown again,

at the end of every game, Ohio State will win!

As I sit up in bed and look at the wall,

my beautiful swimsuit model standing tall.

It’s Miss April, I lay back down in bed,

I place my pillow, over my face and head.

Five more months to go, until football will begin,

I head to the kitchen, and grab a bottle of gin.

It seems that it all, was only a dream,

I’m so pissed at the world, that I let out a scream.

My wife walks in, and smirks at me,

she holds up the newspaper, for me to see.

It’s game day for real, the season has begun,

So, I grab my snacks; it’s time to have fun.

Go Bucks!



#college #sports #poetry #poem #fan #Ohio

Poem by David Andre Davison


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