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Why do I fry perch in a pan and keep a goldfish for a pet?

I cook one for dinner and protect the other from the net?

Could you eat a stray Beagle, if you owned a Border Collie?

Does this kind of behavior make me, an expert in folly?

Why does man hunt whales and at the same time save Willy?

Using this kind of bizarre logic, sounds a bit too silly.

Do we smash a bee with our shoe, but savor the honey comb?

That’s like killing a construction worker, who builds our home.

Have you complained about flooding but prayed for rain?

If we follow this pattern of logic, it appears quite insane.

Do we lobby to save the shark, but celebrate when they kill Jaws?

It sounds to me like we all have many character flaws.

An example of cognitive dissonance, rules our life.

It cuts away logic and reasoning like a butcher knife.

Using this decision-making, I’ll drink a six-pack of beer.

Then, prepare my income tax returns, for last year.



#poetry #food #pets #satire #humor #logic #life

Poem by David Andre Davison


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