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I’m residing in a third world country,

where poverty is displayed, for all to be seen.

Little children plead for their daily bread,

in unwashed bodies, their clothes unclean.


Where are the parents, of the vulnerable,

who live outside in the scorching sun?

Aren’t children supposed to be in school,

learning the four R’s and having fun?


Skyscrapers like snobs, look down on filth,

a fancy mall built, next to a large slum.

Absence of compassion, for poor families,

the bourgeoisie hides behind vodka and rum.


I’m fed up with the broken cycle of life,

a gaping wound for which there’s no help.

By the day’s end, my patience runs thin,

my eyes glare at the moon and yelp.


How disappointed God must be in humanity.

as He gazes down from his home in heaven.

While, the UN waves the white flag of defeat,

at a population in billions, over seven?



#hunger #kids #food #Asia #Africa #life #politics #protest #abuse #travel

Poem by David Andre Davison

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