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I sit by the lake and dream, of lost loves I left behind,

the memories haunt me, from the corners of my mind.

Did I do everything I could, to make the relationship last,

or am I making excuses, for my mistakes in the past?

If only I could go back, and change a moment in time,

and make amends to you, for my metaphoric crime.

We might have decided, on a journey through life,

I could have been your husband and you my wife.

But time is one-dimensional in nature, a one-way street,

our actions have consequences, either victory or defeat.

I must live with the results, and forever bury the pain,

if I don’t let go, your memory will drive me insane.

As I ponder my past actions, a tear running down my face,

I will miss this beautiful park, our special meeting place.

But history is all about the past, it’s time to let it be,

the future is my life, there’s someone else for me.

That special woman awaits, she’s got her own past love,

but we are the perfect match, it’s God’s plan from above.

I must live life to the fullest, be attentive to those I meet,

she might be in a small café or jogging down the street.

To those who are waiting, to add love to your timeline,

believe in faith and know everything will work out fine.

If life were too easy, we wouldn’t appreciate the rewards,

instead, we’d expect a handout, no goal to look towards.

That is my message, it’s only wisdom if it’s true,

I hope it gives you hope, a small benefit to you.

For I have the same clouded thoughts, living inside,

but my present situation, helps me take it in stride.

When you begin to have doubts, in a time of need,

if you have a broken heart, and your emotions bleed.

Drop to your knees, and fold your quivering hands,

the LORD is waiting, to share with you His plans.




#life #relationship #dating #marriage #heart #romance #help #God #poetry

Poem by David Andre Davison


5 comments on “Poem: Lost Loves

  1. Hey, would you be interested in being nominated for a liebster blog award?


    1. debateablydateable:

      Thank you so much for the offer of being nominated. However, I don’t explore other blogs on a regular basis, and wouldn’t be a good source for referring others. I am working on novel manuscripts, short stories, and poems for anthologies, and that occupies most of my free time. Thanks again!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, best of luck with all your future projects!


  2. Left Pencil says:

    Awww, this poem awakes me. Thank you for sharing this one. 😍😍😍


    1. Left Pencil:

      You are so welcome!


      Liked by 1 person

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