Poem: Shiny Red Shoes

I bought a pair of red shoes,

they’re the talk of the town.

Some say I look like a celebrity,

other’s call me a circus clown.

Down the city sidewalk I strut,

a taxi cab stops in the street.

Someone yells “there’s Travolta,

walking to that Bee Gees beat.”

My shoes have a shiny glow,

I make sure they’re polished.

Their reflection lights the block,

so, my neighbors want them abolished.

How comes Dorothy gets to wear,

ruby slippers in the land of Oz?

While people attack my red shoes,

without an ounce of just cause?

In the end, I gave my shoes away,

to an old friend whose hair is red.

When he wears his red leisure suit,

he’s the same color from toe to head.





#fashion #satire #comedy #poetry #foot #life #clothes #humor

Poem by David Andre Davison


This is not an endorsement, nor is there any connection, with any product, actor, or musical group, referred to in this post.

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