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Let me tell you a secret, about racial supremacy,

about the color of people, who rule you and me.

The purple race is superior, with perfect smooth skin,

a clearly dominant trait, shared among their kin.

Their eyes bulge out, protruding from their face,

add bald heads, and you have the master race.

It’s no wonder, that everyone else is inferior,

because of the perfect organs, in their interior.

White, Black, Brown, Yellow, mixed, and Red,

can’t compete with the Purple, a people far ahead.

Purple people are smarter, they dominate any career,

they don’t care if their own are straight, bi, or queer.

Listen here groups, who support color preference,

you know who I mean, do I need to cite a reference?

Black Caucus, NAACP, KKK, and other groups,

who push a racial agenda, and amass their troops.

With purple domination in worldwide news,

there’s no room for riots, except maybe by Blues.

Stop racial protests, rallies, Tweets, and books,

Purple’s the winner, time to move past someone’s looks.


#Hitler #KKK #hate #people #news #protest #Black #White #poetry #satire

A satirical poem by David Andre Davison



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