Poem: Worth of a Penny

As I wait for the bus, at a remote corner stop,

I see a penny on the ground, it’s shiny on top.

Should I bend over to grab it, is it worth my time?

The situation would be different, if it were a dime.

It is staring at me but hardly worth the trouble,

for a coin of little value, is no more than rubble.

As the bus approaches, I swallow my manly pride,

and pick up the penny, before I step inside.

I’m sit on a seat, near the front of the bus,

a young woman says a penny’s not worth the fuss.

But there’s an old-timer seated, in the next row,

he sees the coin; his face starts to glow.

I have a hobby he says, you have a nice copper coin,

it would look good in my shop, in downtown Des Moines.

It’s an Indian Head Penny, I collect them you see,

would you be interested in selling this nice coin to me?

A chuckle breaks out of my mouth, as I feel the penny,

what’s so valuable about a one-cent coin, I have plenty.

I decide to ask an inflated price, to make myself a buck,

so, he pulls out a paper dollar, and says I’m in luck.

As the bus comes to a stop, I toss him the piece of metal,

I think it’s a nice price I say, I’m glad we could settle.

A week later, I go to his store to see his coin collection,

I search the display cases, for the old penny section.

I recognize the coin I found, it’s in a small glass case,

the Indian Head Penny, rests on velvet in a special place.

There’s no price tag, on the coin from the year 1877,

a clerk tells me the rare coin, is like a gift from heaven.

I don’t see a price tag so I ask the young salesman,

he tells me it’s been sold, to a collector from Japan.

I begin laughing, and say it’s only worth one cent,

but a customer tells me, it was money well spent.

As I stand in front of the coin display in confusion,

I ponder how a coin could cause such a delusion.

The man who bought the coin, says I took the bait,

for the penny is worth a couple of zero’s behind an eight.

So, next time you dismiss something, based on appearance,

first, do your research and maintain your perseverance.

For treasures exist beyond, what’s visible on first sight,

hidden qualities can shine through, and bring true delight.




https://s3.amazonaws.com  (Sample picture, actual coin value unknown)



#coin #Indian #hobby #money #poetry #life #collect

A poem by David Andre Davison

Coin value based on: https://www.thespruce.com



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