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Up in the morning, my numb toes hit the floor.

I reboot my mind, as I head for the bathroom door.

Looking in the mirror, I see another line,

I feel so old, but my babe say’s I look fine.

Filling the kettle with water, and hitting the switch,

everyone needs their coffee, be they poor or rich.

The morning news, is an important routine staple,

it’s as necessary as, pancakes smothered in maple.

I shave and shower, then dress in my best,

it’s time to wake the wife, she need’s her rest.

Checking my emails and social media trash,

my wife grabs my wallet, and removes my cash.

We’re ready to drive to work, we head for the car,

traffic is quite lite; the commute doesn’t seem far.

I pull up to the office, to drop my soul mate off,

a security guard approaches, nursing a persistent cough.

“Excuse me,” says the officer, in a polite voice,

I think this morning, you made a bizarre choice.

It’s a holiday today, this business will be closed,

my wife and I do our best, to stay composed.

We thank the young man, and wish him well,

next to me my wife, smirks like a demon from hell.

I need to recover, as she assigns me the blame,

it’s an unfortunate event, part of the marriage game.

An idea arises, there may be a way to save the day,

I drive us to a luxury hotel, a nice place to stay.

We book the honeymoon suite, for a one-day vacation,

my beloved smiles, and begins her flirtation.

The next morning, we awake, after a day of pleasure,

it seems that I escaped rebuke, her behavior a measure.

She whispers in my ear, my body begins to tense,

my honey knew about the holiday, now it makes sense.

I guess it is just a game, that all couples play,

to see who is the boss, and always gets their way.

However, it doesn’t matter who follows or leads,

for our marriage is happy, and meets both our needs.



Image: (Katie Ellen,pin/562035228468335470/ )

#love #relationship #humor #satire #poetry #marriage #spouse #life

Poem by David Andre Davison




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