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The swamp air makes a common person choke,

it’s layered with fumes of satanic sacrifice.

Our political system is a like a king cobra,

before you take on the corruption; think twice.

In 2016, two outsiders tried to beat the system,

a Vermont Senator nearly beat ole Hillary.

But the Democratic machine squashed Bernie,

they wanted more traditional political artillery.

The political rebellion fared better with the GOP,

Donald Trump took on the party brass.

Voters backed someone to clean up Columbia,

someone who would kick some political ass.

But, half a year down the road into his term,

the president fights for his very survival.

Mueller and his minions have elephant backing,

they seem to be joining their old jackass rival.

Heaven forbid the issues that affect our citizens,

the shareholders who pay an array of tax.

Would top the games politicians pundits play,

to end Trump’s term with an impeachment axe.

I guess no one can challenge the exclusive club,

of the backroom elite’s deranged mentality.

It includes the elite of the old swamp institutions,

who at the end of the day show us Federal brutality.


#politics #president #Trump #Clinton #Bernie #corruption #Mueller #investigation #poetry #poem #satire

Poem by David Andre Davison


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