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I was awakened by a burst of sunlight,

as it pierced the veil of dark clouds.

A short break to a weary people,

used to calamity and burial shrouds.


A typhoon’s out in the Pacific Ocean,

bent on occupying this Philippine land.

People already tired of the heavy rains,

trying to formulate an escape plan.


Rivers are rising with each drop of moisture,

banks once a staircase, now a single step.

Time to save possessions from destruction,

valuables to higher ground they schlep.


Why do people live in areas of danger,

why not simply pack up and move?

But where to go on this earthly planet,

is danger something you can remove?


All people must adjust to quirks of nature,

it’s just a small piece of daily life.

As me dear ole Irish maimeo used to tell me,

“The Bible never says we’ll be free from strife.”




#weather #storm #Asia #calamity #faith #poem #poetry

Poem by David Andre Davison

This poem is a fictional account, based on a current weather condition.

schlep – “drag or haul” – (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


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