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There was once a young lady,

her eyes sparkled like Solomon’s jewels.

My heart began to beat, oh so fast,

I broke all the normal dating rules.

A gift of fine, assorted fresh flowers,

I presented to her at the cosmetics counter.

An invitation for a Saturday night dating trip,

a friendly chance for an above-board encounter.

I waited patiently at a table with a bouquet,

but she failed to show at the appointed time.

I double-checked the time on my wristwatch,

we had planned to meet just before nine.

 A phone call to her home telephone number,

was deflected by her rude college roommate.

I asked if the young lady was on her way,

could it be she was just running a bit late?

The message relayed by this girl’s friend,

was that she declined to meet with me.

It appears that she didn’t want to date,

I was advised to just let the poor girl be.

Yet, she said she wanted to be friends,

whatever, that familiar term really means.

It was just a rude brush-off of sorts,

but I didn’t come unhitched at the seams.

The lesson to be learned from this event,

is that romance movies are not real-life.

Instead, some people tend to be rude,

they slice into your heart like a sharp knife.

Que Sera, Sera goes that Doris Day song,

some things are not intended to occur.

But this whole idea of chivalry and romance,

may cause one’s loving eyes to blur.

I didn’t give up on finding my perfect girl,

for another was waiting in the sea of love.

I believe God had a master plan for me,

as He sat on His throne in Heaven above.

For everyone a soul mate is waiting,

when the time is right they will appear.

It happened to little old stubborn me,

despite my insecurity and deepest fear.

To the woman who broke my young heart,

I hope she enjoyed the flowers she received.

But secretly I hope she got a bad allergy,

I admit the thought makes me feel relieved.

A salute to those who take the risk of dating

to find the person they believe is right.

You need to go ahead and ask them out,

cause the answer may be yes; it might?



#dating #relationship #marriage #romance #satire #poetry #life #rejection #pain

Poem by David Andre Davison

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