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mirror woman

My large mirror was a liar, I should have lost weight,

I had cut calories and fat, for my wedding date.

My beautiful gown, just doesn’t look quite right,

I feared my groom would gasp, when I came into sight.


My maid of honor looked beautiful, with her small waist,

inside her pink dress, with fine pearls carefully laced.

My attendants were attractive, with perfect thighs,

they drew the attention of even the married guys.


In the mirror I looked bad, no man would desire me.

for I knew my guy was a babe magnet, you see.

As I gazed in the mirror, I broke down in tears,

it invoked many of my deepest thoughts and fears.


My mother entered the room, and saw me cry,

she wanted an explanation, me to tell her why.

I told her I looked so big, but she said not to worry,

but she continued to smile, despite my fury.


She looked at the mirror, and began to laugh,

then she called out loud, for the wedding staff.

After they arrived, they all publicly confessed,

about the practical joke, that made be stressed.


It seems the mirror was left over from an event,

used in a clown’s act, under a large circus tent.

A specially designed reflection to distort the tummy,

they knew the groom’s prank was kind of crummy.


For a moment I pondered, a proper way to react,

it was a memorable wedding prank, quite an act.

I marched down the aisle, and stood by my groom,

he smirked at me, as silence filled the church room.


When it came time for me, to say my wedding vow,

I gave the groom a dose of pain, and this is how.

Instead of saying the scripted words, as I should,

I turned to the audience, this next part is good.


I thanked my groom, for his devotion and love,

for his kindness and honesty, like an angel above.

Although I was pregnant, he still wanted to marry,

even though the father was my lover Gary.


The crowd murmured, as the groom freaked out,

mother wanted to know, what it was all about.

As I looked at my parents and his parents too,

I had the satisfaction, of making my lie seem true.


So, don’t mess with this bride, on her wedding day,

for revenge was sweet, the mirror prank, I repaid.

As for my ex-groom, he’s still in Intensive Care,

this gal came out on top, I didn’t decide to play fair.



#marriage #women #groom #wedding #life #love #weight #satire #poetry

Poem by David Andre Davison

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