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Have you ever had to deal, with government red tape?

at times, your mind is violated by psychological rape.

The endless forms and procedures from DC town,

seem to have been created, by a deranged circus clown.

clown 1

Pray that you don’t have to face denial, and wait for appeal,

the process can tax your will, and affect how you feel.

Your day in court may come, while you’re still alive,

by then you will be weak, your patience on overdrive.

clown 2

The moral of the story, when dealing with Ole uncle Sam,

is to realize common sense, has been blocked by a dam.

Stick to you “guns” and do the research it requires,

and maybe you’ll prevail, without having to put out fires.

clown 3


Images:   (clowns)

#Federal #State #local #Veterans #retirement #bureaucracy #court #poetry #satire

A poem by David Andre Davison

Note: I do not advocate disruptive or violent behavior.

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