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In World War One, millions died from many nations,

afterwards, the losers asked for reparations.

This caused the next war, known as World War Two,

which saw a slaughter of ethnic groups, Romani and Jew.


The Korean War was a battle of North versus South,

but after the war, both sides still shot off their mouth.

Vietnam, the French and Americans couldn’t resist,

after years of war, communism did not desist.


Iraq and Afghanistan, wars have continued many years,

bringing pain to many and driving loved ones to tears.

While we fight wars for land, afterwards we give it back,

then what is the purpose, other than an enemy to attack?


The Bible says there will always be wars, death will continue,

perhaps a way to resist, is to remove hate from me and you.

I wish I had better advice for the people of our earthly planet,

but while our hearts are tender, our will to fight is like granite.




#death #politics #hate #foreign #battle #poetry #Veteran #satire

Poem by David Andre Davison



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