The United States of Confusion

I indulge your patience, as I comment on this political affair,

regarding our dear country; my conscience I freely bare.

American leaders appear indecisive, they lack consistence,

affecting a way of life, our own personal existence.

When someone discovers, an ally’s emails are being watched,

do they attempt to interfere, ensuring the investigation is botched?

Did Hillary get a pass, due to a secret rendezvous on a plane?

An ex-president and an Attorney General; an innuendo not insane.

What about loveable Bernie, the leader of the Liberal pride.

did he and his spouse break the law, or have they lied?

President Trump is a strong leader, with force he will meet,

anyone who dares attack him, it’s DEFCOM ONE by Tweet!

While the Democrats block, anything they don’t like,

they keep legislation back, like a Holland style dike.

It’s the people who suffer, as our leaders play bully games,

instead of working together, each politician blames.

The United States of Confusion, our country has become,

as the statues of our founders, sink in the swamp of the dumb.




#politics #satire #poetry  #Trump #Clinton #swamp

A satirical poem by David Andre Davison

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