Poem: Battling Summer Heat


A drop of sweat runs down my cheek,

as the summer heat attacks me.

Through my sweat covered eyes,

I have lost the ability to see.

My brain feels like it is being cooked,

inside a room turned into an oven.

Oh, to have a spell to stop the heat,

like members of a witch’s coven.

My arsenal does have a secret weapon,

known to battle this wave of heat.

I reach for my trusty remote control,

using the air conditioner to ensure defeat.

Ah, the feeling of cool air fills the room,

it is almost instant relief for my soul.

Until I receive next month’s electric bill,

and watch my budget take a heavy toll.

window air conditioning unit





#sun #weather #air #life #climate #health #poetry #poem #satire

Poem by David Andre Davison

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