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America, the land I love with my heart and soul,

since I was a wee lad in the days of Camelot.

The last nine years have seen division,

no longer are we a large melting pot.


While our country has its internal squabbles,

we still retain that mysterious glow.

It continues to draw people to our borders

even though our nation is reaching a new low.


Great Britain is a Constitutional monarchy,

with a hereditary Head of State, a queen.

She remains at the heart of her great nation,

regardless of Prime Minister, her image still seen.


It’s this a visible sign of consistency to the world,

that America lacks; at the nation’s heart.

If our forefathers would have shared my vision,

a change of President’s wouldn’t tear us apart.


Of course, there is no royal presence on earth,

that exists beyond the magnetism of temptation.

But a monarch can be an example of unity,

to the people of our divided American nation.


Perhaps our citizens should seek a lawful remedy,

by calling for a Constitutional referendum.

Then, we could add the issue of monarchy,

to a list of possible remedies on the agendum.


Just an idea I choose to share with you,

a patron of my blog of diverse poetry.

Please excuse my lack of artistic expression,

for I’m not Shakespeare; “to be or not to be.”


Note: “to be or not to be.” – Hamlet Act III, Scene 1 – William Shakespeare

Image:   (Spanish throne room)

#politics #satire #royalty #Trump #queen #poetry #life #vote #election #Constitution

Poem by David Andre Davison


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