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Fog covers the Swamp town,

DC Politics will never change.

Every day we are bombarded,

with accusations considered strange.


Heaven forbid the president preside,

or the gang on Capitol Hill legislate.

Instead they enjoy their media attention,

over proposing funds to allocate.


What of our Veterans or seniors,

who struggle to make ends meet?

Would the swamp creatures prefer,

our elderly and heroes live on the street?


Could these hearings and press conferences,

be no more than a screen of smoke?

Are they trying to disguise an agenda,

or is it nothing more than some sick joke?


I fear that this madness will continue,

promoting hysteria, over sound logic.

Could it be an attempt to starve our brains,

with warfare based on the neurologic?


Democrats increased the people’s dissent,

feeding racism at every twist and turn.

Now the GOP is taking their revenge,

looking for a sacrificial lamb to burn.


Four more years of confusion await us,

regardless of which party has the upper hand.

Either way it won’t benefit most of our people,

across our politically divided American land.



#politics #satire #poetry #government #Trump #Congress #life #protest #media

Poem by David Andre Davison



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