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I seek the truth about my miserable life,

associates, friends, neighbors, and my wife.

Taxes are too high, and the salary too low,

I have pain running from my head down to my toe.


The kids are brats, they never listen to me,

instead, they’re addicted to their iPod and TV.

My dog crapped on my new Persian rug,

and the litter box is home to every type of bug.


Next door, lives a couple as evil as they come,

and another neighbor’s drunk on Puerto Rican Rum.

My family doctor says I only have six months to live,

yet, the hospital bills ask me to give, give, give.


As you can see by my story, my life really sucks,

why can’t I be healthy and have a lot of bucks?

I guess that this is the life I have earned,

as a drunk, criminal, jerk, looks like I’ll be burned.


But, don’t get depressed by my sad story of fate,

you can change your life today, remove anger and hate.

Then you will find that your life won’t turn out like mine,

each day will be a blessing, and you’ll be just fine!



#poetry #satire #story #poem #people #work #friends #drugs #alcohol

Poem by David Andre Davison

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