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What is it about music,

that changes our behavior?

Is it based on the divine,

or a man-made savior?


Rap music excites the mind,

the melody encases a riddle,

It’s beat pierces our protective wall,

and seduces the heart in the middle.


Then there’s the heart of Dixie,

New Orleans or Kansas City Blues.

It’s more than a cello or saxophone,

and young men in saddle shoes.


Break out the fiddle and banjo,

and return to our country roots.

Let’s line dance in a club,

in our jeans and cowboy boots.


The old Opera House was a stage,

offering a mix of acting and singing.

Sopranos and baritones sending vibrations,

shattering glass and leaving ears ringing.


There is a variety of music genre,

for discerning women and men.

Whether they’re older than old,

or as young as nine or ten.


So, find yourself a comfortable chair,

dim the lights, break out a drink.

Let your ears slide across the room,

like they’re gliding on an ice rink.



#song #theater #artist #poetry #music #Rap #Blues #Country #Opera

Poem by David Andre Davison

2 comments on “Poem: Your kind of Music

  1. Music soothes the soul!


    1. Secret Keeper:



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