Poem: Life of a Teenager

It’s early in the morning and I can’t sleep.

I’ve tried counting lambs and even Little Bo Peep.


I drank some warm milk, it tasted quite good.

Maybe it’s just a wives’ tale, like knocking on wood.


In a few hours, I must get up and take a shower.

But right now, my energy is low, I lack will power.


If I don’t go to school, I’ll miss my Math test.

No make-up exams are offered by old Miss Quest.


I won’t graduate from school, I’ll have to stay home.

Then my nagging mother will never leave me alone.


The more I think about this quandary, the more I stress.

It’s funny how lack of sleep can cause such a mess.


I hear the alarm clock as I open my tired eyes.

Has this all been a dream, full of deceit and lies?


As I stand sleepily, in front of my vanity mirror.

In my reflection, is something that I really fear.


There’s a giant pimple, on the middle of my chin.

Oh, the life of a stressed teenager, I just can’t win.


Image: elephantjournal.com

#student #child #parent #school #life #stress #poetry #satire

Poem by David Andre Davison

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