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I hold him close, my little bundle of joy,

a blond-haired and blue-eyed baby boy.

Innocently he looks right into my eyes,

then suddenly I hear his moans and cries.


Experience tells me what’s the cause,

I check his diaper and for a moment pause.

Inside is a sight that would scare Godzilla,

a large muddy mass, the color opposite vanilla.


Oh honey! I bark in my loudest deep voice,

I hear her snicker and know that I have no choice.

It is off to the changing table, my baby in hand,

a growing smell from his diaper I cannot stand.


Loading up on the wipes and putting on a glove,

he looks at me and giggles, that boy I love.

Soon the mess is cleaned up and it’s off to bed,

but I can’t shake that messy image from my head.


Then I wake up and realize it all was a dream,

I hear my baby let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Down the hall, I race and place him on my lap,

when I look down I see my robe covered with crap.


The moral of this story is a lesson in life,

when there’s a dirty diaper, don’t call your wife.

Face reality and embrace that messy day,

for someday your grandchild will gladly repay.



#parenthood #baby #father #life #child #poem #poetry #satire

Poem by David Andre Davison

5 comments on “Dads & Diapers

  1. dundappan says:

    “A color opposite Vanilla” Hahahaha
    simply classic mate . Everyday you come across poems of anger, fear, love, pain. Every once is a while its poems that give you a tickle in the bones that help you keep your sanity. thanks for sharing bro.


    1. Dundappan:

      Yes, many of my poems are a bit “dark.” I try to write from a view of reality more than of dreams. Every so often, I can’t resist throwing in a bit of humor. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

      God Bless


      Liked by 1 person

      1. dundappan says:

        i noticed your other poems. They are in fact very close to reality. i myself am an amateur in the field of poetry. pleased o follow my blog and follow if you find something worth.


      2. Dundappan:

        Thanks! I will follow your blog!



      3. dundappan says:

        Thank You Dave. Muchas Gracias


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