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3 comments on “Poem: Suicide

  1. Sometimes life can be hard for some people to live and then sometimes they could feel like nothing can get better and having to deal with the feeling of hopelessness and believing that there’s no one in this world that cares for you can in some way hurt someone emotionally or mentally (im not a doctor but i just wanted to put out my 50 cents on this post)


    1. Garden Love Poet:

      Yes, it can be very difficult for some people to cope with their physical or mental problems. I had a cousin and a classmate both commit suicide, and have witnessed others attempt it. The purpose of my poem was from the view of those left behind. Thanks for your response and God Bless!

      – Dave

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      1. Thanks for replying and I’m sorry for your losses you’re really brave for sharing that with some random person on the internet

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