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Ivanka is a beautiful woman, and intelligent as well.

As for her influence on politics, only time will tell.

The president is a strong leader, he’s expects to win.

But DC swamp creatures tend to add their own spin.


The Republicans battle each other, no sense of direction.

While Democrats are united in the dark art of deflection.

Congress is at a standstill, a civil war within their walls.

Heaven forbid they work together, before our nation falls.


North Korean leader Kim, is like a toddler wanting his way.

Leading to this dictator is mere child’s play.

Syria is a wasteland, a civil war among factions.

The killing of innocent civilians with chemical reactions.


Putin the manipulator has a background in the KGB.

His foreign policy mimics a boss on a crime spree.

The Obama White House fought countries with fancy words.

But looking back eight years, it was a policy of naïve nerds.


What of the infrastructure bill with bi-partisan support?

Did both political parties let this plan abort?

What is the agenda of party leaders on Capitol Hill?

Will the bickering allow the passage of a single decent bill?


The Constitutional election process chose Donald Trump.

Yet the disenchanted would rather see our country slump.

Do Hillary, Nancy, Elizabeth, and other Liberals want a revolution?

I hope that any true patriot would prefer a lawful solution.


Some invoke the memory of great leaders like Reagan or JFK.

If they were here would our politicians stand in their way?

I don’t believe there is an easy solution for our beloved nation.

Only our reliance on Jesus Christ will save us from certain damnation



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Satire poetry by David Andre Davison

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