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Do you Trust?


Do you trust the friends you make,

or do you believe everyone is on the take?

Three gangsters.

Can you count on someone to bail you out,

if you were cast into jail your innocence in doubt?

women jail

Would you be comfortable leaving your spouse,

alone with your best friend in their country house?


Could you tell them a secret only for their ear,

that if divulged could become your darkest fear?

scary secret

Would you consider lending a friend some money,

or would a voice inside make you feel funny?

lend money

If you both went after the same woman or man,

might they sabotage to fulfill their romantic plan?

2 women

If there was a choice that only one of you could live,

would you volunteer your own life to give?


If this poem cast doubt on your best friend,

maybe it’s time for the relationship to end!

breaking up



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Poem by David Andre Davison


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