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A Poet’s Crusade


If my pen withholds the words of my mind,

am I no more than a closet hypocrite?

Should I sugarcoat the truth buried inside poems,

or to my conscience must I firmly commit?


Shall I spare the feelings of those who read my words,

reinforcing the lies of our weakened society?

Or does my soul cry out for me to share the truth,

to those who have committed some impropriety?


Am I judging your thoughts and actions,

imposing my strict standards of moral behavior?

Might I be motivated by vanity within my character,

that comes across like some counterfeit savior?


There is a conflict at work within my brain,

whether to share my concern for your salvation.

For I fear to withhold the experience I have gained,

might lead to some ultimate damnation.


So, please excuse my sometimes aggressive style,

I pray my intentions show that I am concerned.

It is my hope for all of my brothers and sisters,

to absorb a morsel of truth from the lessons I’ve learned.



#satire #poem #Religion #Bible #ethics #writer #vanity

Poem by David Andre Davison

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