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“Paper Tiger”


Has American become a “paper tiger,”

it’s bark far worse than it’s bite?

Can we still protect other countries,

when their own military is unable to fight?

Iowa Jima

The expansion in the South China Sea,

China has built up its island domains.

While small underdeveloped nations,

are confined by militaristic chains.

Iowa Jima

The people of Ukraine a target,

of outright Russian military aggression.

Where was the help President Obama,

while they battled Putin’s suppression?

Iowa Jima

The Middle East has been the hot spot,

battling widespread Islamic revolution.

With U.S. Presidents using air power,

afraid of committing to a ground solution.

Iowa Jima

Across the southern border of this land,

along the long river Rio Grande,

Illegal immigrants enter our country,

under “catch and release” of Obama’s plan.

Iowa Jima

What happened to our great nation,

with a once powerful military?

Have our leaders cowed under pressure,

or is the problem merely budgetary?

Iowa Jima

Is it too late for America to rebuild,

a powerful military second to none?

Or do the Liberals have another priority,

getting their social agenda done?

Iowa Jima

Note: “Paper Tiger” is a term with Chinese origins. In print, it was used in the book The Chinese (1836) by Sir John F. Davis. In addition, it was used in Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong (1964). –


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Poem by David Andre Davison

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