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Sunday Poem: Preaching Jesus


Why do we seldom hear the name of Jesus,

from the pulpits of our politicians?

They tend to invoke “God” with pride,

but leave out His Son in their admonitions.


It’s funny how Obama praised Islam,

reminding us of historical Christian mistakes.

If President Trump switched the two around,

it would provoke riots like earthquakes.


Main Street America used to be about morals,

teaching youngsters based on Bible revelations.

Now the mere mention of the Good Book,

sparks the Liberal Left’s nasty accusations.


Have we chosen to bury our heads,

deep in the earth out of shame?

An attempt to stay out of heated arguments,

popularly referred to as the blame game?


Go ahead and deny Christ to your friends,

and people you meet every day.

When the Son of God approaches His Father,

He will present you in the same way.



#Christian #sermon #poetry #satire #Bible #politics #president #ethics

Poem by David Andre Davison

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