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Sunday Poem: Who is my Brother?

(Advisory: This poem is related to controversial social issues. If you are offended by a Biblical-based challenge to your opinion, you may want to skip this poem. – God Bless)



We live in troubled times,

where politics and culture clash.

It appears to this humble servant,

that people are driven by pleasure and cash.


Same-sex marriages are now legal,

with the seal of the US Supreme Court.

Those Christian businesses who oppose it,

find themselves in the midst of a tort.


There are churches who bow to civil power,

ignoring the warning of scriptural text.

They blindly find Bible justification,

for any behavior that appears next.


Supporters of liberal social issues fight back,

with words like “love your brother.”

But please tell me my dear friends,

does that imply a relative or someone other?


Jesus defines “brother,” in Matthew Twelve,

please go to Verse fifty for me.

A “brother” is someone who follows God,

“shall do the will of my Father,” you see.


Alas, a brother is a fellow believer,

who follows doctrine in the Good Book.

If you don’t believe what I say,

please turn to the Verse and look.


While we should never hate anyone,

we still must obey God’s word from Heaven.

Please read Romans One, Verse thirty-two,

and First Corinthians, Five, Verse eleven.


We walk a fine line in this world,

obeying God and spreading His love.

However, we must practice what we preach,

and follow Scriptural guidelines from above.


On this Sunday as we think about Jesus,

and our duty as Christian missionaries.

We must share the Bible with love,

but be accurate Scriptural emissaries.

God Bless You!



Scriptural References:

Matthew 12:46-50

1 Corinthians 5:9-13

Romans 1:18-32




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