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Jealous Pictures


Sorting through my photo albums,

of my life through the years.

Remembering the good times with a laugh,

and the sad ones with tears.

It’s strange how a single picture,

can invoke such a strong reaction.

Or in matters of the heart,

an old love distraction.

If we hold onto photo reminders,

of old flames of our youth.

They might arouse old suspicions,

providing a jealous spouse proof.

Perhaps it might be a good idea,

to remove obstacles from the past.

Cementing our desire for commitment,

helping our present relationship to last.

So good-bye to fond memories,

of a past love that never succeeded.

It’s time to live in the present,

and appreciate the only love that’s needed.

While it is widely known to couples,

that it takes two to make a marriage work.

I would clarify that saying by adding,

it’s destruction requires but one stupid jerk.



#love #sweetheart #romance #girlfriend #boyfriend #marriage #spouse #poem #poetry

Poem by David Andre Davison





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