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Poem Story: Should I Marry?


In a land filled with forests and hills,

many years in the distant past.

There was a fair-skinned maiden,

a beautiful red-haired lass.

A husband was desired by this woman,

who would protect her out of love.

She pictured a special wedding cake,

that would release white doves.

A rich Count from another land,

wanted to court the young gal.

While he had average looks,

his manner was quite foul.

The rich gentleman pursued the maiden,

presenting her a ring with a large jewel.

But she knew it was no more than a bribe,

for her father hadn’t raised a fool.

The wealthy Count forced the issue,

of making the young woman his wife.

He promised her father if he refused,

to cause the family a terrible life.

As the noble planned their wedding,

the lady lived in constant fear.

Her parents pleaded with her to comply,

her mother shedding a red tear.

The maiden did not want to marry him,

but alas her father was forced to intervene.

He ordered his daughter to consent to marriage,

and placed her in a special quarantine.

The day of the marriage approached,

when the bride left for church.

A young man on a white horse stopped her,

and said he was on his own bridal search.

He was seeking the woman of whom he dreamed,

who was pure and full of endless love.

This town was the place to find that gal,

based on a vision he received from above.

The handsome young man asked for her help,

with a longing sound in his voice.

She agreed to help the stranger,

find the young bride of his choice.

They hurried from door to door,

looking for the girl in his dream.

But as the time of her wedding approached,

his face began to shine like a light beam.

The stranger asked the young bride to be,

why the two of them could not wed?

It appeared she lacked love for the Count,

would she agree to marry him instead?

The young lady’s face began to glow,

as the she began to answer the man.

But then she paused and remembered that,

she was already part of a wedding plan.

The young woman feared for her parents,

if the marriage was canceled with the Count.

Yes, she would rather marry the stranger,

alas the obstacles were too great to surmount.

The stranger smiled and asked her again,

to marry for love not because the Count said.

She blushed and then thought for a moment.

but fear of the foreign Count she did dread.

The jealous noble found his future wife,

in the company of the young stranger.

He threatened the man with his sword,

and told him his life was in great danger.

“Be careful my dear Sir of what you do,”

said the handsome man without fear.

“To threaten a prince is a capital crime,

I should make that point quite clear.”

“My father is the king of this land,

and as such I am his sole heir.”

So let the young lady choose her husband,

the law says you must be treat her fair.

The lady bowed to the Prince,

and gave him her stamp of approval,

The Count started to lodge a protest,

but soldiers arrived and hastened his removal.

The beautiful maiden married the prince,

and the couple retired to his castle far away.

Today she is the Queen of that great country.

thanks to the choice she made on that day.



#love #poetry #marriage #romance #royalty #woman #fantasy #Irish #Celtic

Poem by David Andre Davison



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