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Poem: The Reality of Life


Was Abraham Lincoln a popular leader,

as Chief of the Union during the Civil War?

Or was the legend perpetuated by an assassin,

a cowardly Rebel who helped reshape a lore?


Do we glamorize villains like Bonnie and Clyde,

even though they were known to kill?

Could it be that deeds are unimportant,

since curiosity  provides a cheap thrill?


Was JFK a modern king of Camelot,

with Jackie the ideal romantic pair?

What about rumors of revolving doors,

and the many women in the presidents lair?


Is it fair to refer to a promiscuous male,

as a role model in a favorable light?

While a female who acts the same way,

is branded a whore; is that right?


Do we cheer for the underdog or the champion,

in the boxing ring or in our daily life?

Is the answer to every battle finding a Rocky,

do we seek heroes to end our strife?


Should we attack the opposing political party,

because our favored candidate lost the election?

Wouldn’t it be better to find common ground,

accepting shortcomings, not expecting perfection?


Do we acknowledge God’s presence,

in our life,  our daily walk?

Or do we only refer to the Almighty,

trying to impress others with our talk?


Perhaps, there are more questions than answers,

in a world where there is no scorecard to keep.

Maybe that’s while some choose to ignore life,

and hide under the symbolic covers fast asleep.




#life #love #politics #History #sex #satire #poetry

Poem by David Andre Davison


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