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Sunday Poem: Does Hell Exist?



Is Hell a real place, with demons and fire,

where the unrepentant exist for eternity?

Could a loving God cause such pain,

do we know with any certainty?


If a person kills someone in cold blood,

did they do anything  wrong?

Do they belong inside the Pearly Gates,

where Angels praise God in song?


How could any person be happy,

when they have lived a life of sin?

Wouldn’t a reward with the saints,

show that Satan’s way scores a win?


You might ask how a loving Creator,

could punish any human He formed?

Then please explain our secular hypocrisy,

of calling the death penalty judicial reform?


If there is no Hell, why should Jesus judge us,

separating the “goats” and “sheep?”

If everyone will retire in Heaven,

do God’s laws we need to keep?


I believe mankind is afraid of the consequences,

of living a life filled with pleasure and greed.

We prefer to put “me” first before others,

and focus our life on objects we think we need.


So deny the existence of Hell and punishment,

deny that the LORD Jesus will return to judge.

Do as you please in your own daily life,

forget the Bible; against God hold a grudge.


At the end of the world when all is gone,

rivers dried up and the planet a large flame.

If you ignored the word of God,

then you are the one who is to blame.


Is Hell a real place that exists,

somewhere in a bottomless abyss?

I’d rather leave it in God’s hands,

and greet Jesus with a loyal kiss.



#God #Religion #Jesus #faith #judgment #sin #Satan #Christian #church

Poem by David Andre Davison

4 comments on “Sunday Poem: Does Hell Exist?

    1. Raymond:

      Thank you for sharing my poem!

      God Bless!



  1. Haveloch says:

    Delve it may miserably it taken me i ask tis he deepen i fallen, Quell,…..
    To add me my stoney of medusa, ask tis he bystanding,
    chased my fellow it reigned, it wert cold and the glistening of rain, mud , slipery it tainted the evils it made of my body i feel my hand am no longer belief misery
    dad is i, do else i private me and the lord laughed…
    a rabbit it chastised in my goblin laughed i loathe he rebuker me may
    i die, guile guilty is i my own wisdom,
    Viking tit made on my bodily, exchange and the painsplead not ,
    i felon met gorgons you i my top dunce is it me
    Devil between i rasped is it Wayne’s world, do spread it m Ray Burton, do pray me tell mama


    1. Haveloch:

      Interesting style. Thanks for sending it to me.

      God Bless!



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