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An End to Singular Identity

space couple


It took time for you to stake your claim on my heart,

I’d been hurt before, and found it hard to trust.

You exhibited a kind of patience I had not known,

instead of yielding to passion and lust.


My last love implanted a spell on my mind,

they uttered an enchantment from an ancient book.

Or perhaps I was served a potion meant for love,

to take me captive with an entrancing look.


But you are different, without an agenda,

I feel a commitment not a passing flirtation.

Feelings of love emanate from your being.

you’ve overcome me with endearing persuasion.


Let’s explore the vast Milky Way together,

we move across the expanse of space.

We are no longer two singular identities,

as we unite on the way to an uncharted place.



#space #love #romance #travel #poem #poetry #fantasy

Poem By David Andre Davison



2 comments on “An End to Singular Identity

    1. Thank you for sharing my poem on your site.



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