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Poem: Rules of War?

Are there any rules of war?

said the old professor to his class.

The young die on the battlefield,

while rich politicians sit on their ass.


Do you shoot someone who is unarmed,

as they attempt to surrender their position?

What if they had just used weapons,

that were outright banned or under suspicion?


Are you a coward if you run to the rear,

when your column is ready to fall?

Or should you hold a hopeless position,

in hopes the enemy advance will stall?


Must you obey the order of an officer,

to murder innocent enemy civilians?

Even if it might shorten the war,

and save your side money in the billions?


Is it truly a crime against humanity,

when we use illegal weapons in our battles?

Or is war truly like the place called hell,

where it doesn’t matter unless someone tattles?


At the end of a long running military campaign,

does it really matter how individual soldiers act?

Don’t the spoils of war belong to the winning side,

rape and pillage justified ways to react?


Although, we are more civilized in modern times,

with our peace treaties like the Geneva Convention.

Not all nations agree with the rules of war,

they attack civilians and abuse prisoners in detention.


Let us protest across the cities of our great nations,

and attempt to win the hearts of old and new.

Yet, I don’t believe it will make a difference,

unless our faith in God, we all opt to renew.




 #poetry #war #Religion #ethics #morals #military #peace #satire


Poem by David Andre Davison



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