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Music and Food


I’m a connoisseur of fine food,

a musical artist of the gastro tract.

If food is a Broadway musical?

Digestion is the last act.


One needs to have a proper balance,

in music or nutrition.

I eat a variety of cuisines,

to remain in tip-top condition.


We could label Classical,

those foods which are rich.

They require clothing alterations,

as you bulge at the stitch.


Fast Food is pop music,

it is heavy but quick.

Hamburgers, fries, and a shake,

seem to do the trick.


Salads are like a chorus,

that bring us relief,

Served between the soup course,

cheese potatoes and beef.


Country music is unique,

it reminds me of dessert.

A beautiful addition to a banquet,

it’s a post dinner teasing flirt.


Of course, there’s opera,

the strongest music around.

Like heavy assorted meats,

that are served by the pound.


You see that music and food,

tend to go hand-in-hand.

So put a steak on the grill,

while listening to your favorite band.




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‍*** Andre Davison is the writer of this satirical and/or informative post.  All people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I do not advocate violence or violating the law of any country. I retain ownership rights over the materials used, except for images and those materials cited in links from other sites, which are beyond my control. Comments in this blog are our opinion. Thanks for visiting Relative Insanity!


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