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We strive for unity,

only in its name.

There is little evidence,

the two are the same.


Our president goes one way,

the democrats the other.

A new policy is unveiled,

that pits brother against brother.


Surely Lincoln struggled with division,

based on tariffs and slavery.

Both the Union and Confederate soldiers,

exercised their bravery.


In the year of our Lord 1865,

Appomattox brought an end to the war.

But the internal battles continued,

part of the nation remains sore.


An actor named John,

leaped onto the Ford stage.

But the act he had committed,

brought great sorrow and rage.


The Klan continued racial control,

and slavery became indentured living.

The black man and woman discovered,

freedom and rights were not in the giving.


Dr. King gave the ultimate sacrifice,

as did the brother’s Kennedy.

To advance the cause of civil rights,

and find a solution, a remedy.


Today, the battle continues on,

religion and abortion join the conflict.

The Democrats desire equality in decision,

while the GOP is seen as desiring to restrict.


Every decision by the president,

met by protests and complaints.

As if one side believes that they are, holy,

worthy of praise from the saints.


No matter who is in the lead,

the conflict may continue.

As it moves outside the Halls of Congress,

Into the main street American venue.


Regardless of the side you choose,

for you can’t be in the middle and hesitate.

Both sides have loving and caring people,

and those only motivated by hate.


It’s a great dilemma that faces our country,

a cure escapes hostile situations.

There is no magic pill or answer,

as America evolves into two nations.


This is not a legal alternative,

that is contained in the Constitution.

Maybe our founders never saw it coming,

 the chance of another revolution.


I don’t advocate violence,

or blatant social unrest.

But the US is in trouble,

our citizen’s patience put to the test.


Perhaps the only answer,

lies in divine intervention.

But since we believe differently,

even a miracle might face inattention.


So while Satan laughs,

in his kingdom of smoke and fire.

Mankind moves ahead,

fulfilling every sinful desire.


For this is beyond politics,

it is not about immigration.

The battle is about unrest for its sake,

for only Jesus Christ is our salvation.






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‍*** Andre Davison is the writer of this satirical and/or informative post.  All people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. I do not advocate violence or violating the law of any country. I retain ownership rights over the materials used, except for images and those materials cited in links from other sites, which are beyond my control. Comments in this blog are our opinion. Thanks for visiting Relative Insanity!


2 comments on “One Country, Two Sides

  1. Nicely done. You hit the nail on the head, figuratively speaking. Personally, I would love to see a reduction in federal power that would allow communities to take care of themselves instead of depending on Uncle Sam. But in the end, Jesus is the only answer. Nicely written.


    1. Keith:

      Your words of kindness are greatly appreciated. God Bless you brother!


      Liked by 1 person

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